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Thursday 17th March 2011

Why did you leave me? Was it because I made a mistake by saying that I didn’t want to be your girlfriend? The only reason I said no was because you didn’t understand my yes. You said nothing would change if I said no! You lied. Everything changed. My life turned upside down. I was [..more..]

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#322 Thank you. I cried when I read it. I cried because I knew that someone, even though I don’t know them, kinda stood up for me in some way, but I can’t stop hanging out with them. I’d rather put up with this than be alone. If only I was as strong as that. [..more..]

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Wednesday 16th March 2011

I’ve never met someone so amazing in my life. you make me smile, we have soo much in common. and i mean it when i say that I love you. I know you said that you’re not ready for your heart to be broken again. It hurts so much to think that you think that [..more..]

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You know when you want something sooooooo bad. Then there’s always those people that tell you you can’t do it. I’ve tried to ignore them but i think im losing the battle. I it’s so hard to let go of something that you want to do forever. I think im going to just give up [..more..]

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dammit… my period is late

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Tuesday 15th March 2011

#321 JUst ignore them. Atleast youll be more sucessful then them in the future. just keep beleiving and if i were you i’ll stop hanging out with them and just be all alone. theyre just using you. So, what do you perfer, being independent or a toy to them? it doesn’t matter what they say [..more..]

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Everyday, I sit with the same people at lunch. Everyday since the beginning of the school year. You’d think they’d be “used to me.” They all hate me. Every single one of those freaks. When it was Christmas, I gave them gifts. When they needed help on schoolwork, I explained to them the concept and [..more..]

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Monday 14th March 2011

I feel… Lonely. I have nobody. i’m so unique that nobody even understands me. my life sucks, big cox. i just hate it. might as well say i’m a robot. i wake up, go to school, come home and go to sleep. every day i just try to talk but there’s just a huge war [..more..]

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I hate it that i love you. I shouldn’t love you. You are you and i am me. We’re different, from two seperate worlds all together… It shouldn’t be this hard.

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I just want someone to listen, and know, and not want me to tell. That’s all I want.

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