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Wednesday 19th October 2022


When else but at night as I’m trying to sleep do I find the time to think about all my worries, self doubt, problems and fears

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Wednesday 12th October 2022

Save me

The pressure of life gets to me more and more everyday. I wonder everyday if I am better dead than I am alive. I feel like I suffocate with each breath I take. Am I burden to myself by not ending it already?

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Tuesday 11th October 2022


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Thursday 6th October 2022

I destroy myself to come back together. I question it all and wonder if it's worth it. Maybe I should follow the path everyone speaks of, everything would be so much easier. Would I feel as insane if I were to do that? Would I go more insane due to the monotony of such a [..more..]

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Monday 3rd October 2022



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recaptcha test


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Sunday 2nd October 2022


Why do they always talk about me ? And that too always criticizing me and taunting me ? Like do they not have any work or something? Those people need to get a life , losers! Stop talking about me, I can clearly hear you a******s talking s*** about me

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Sunday 25th September 2022

Evangelion lemon

To an outsider passing by this apartment would be no different from the vast array that make-up the apt complex. Even if one were to place their ear on the front door absolutely no noise would emanate from the sound-proof walls, one would hear a pin dropping next to them than what was going on [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st September 2022

my poop

I need to bring a stool sample back to the doctor. Its going to be awkward

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with his tired eyes full of sadness it was like his life has taken all from him yet with his words he sounds mesmerizing the old man asked for one penny i thought he was some beggar again human are not good with first impressions we only look at poeple objectively as if we are [..more..]

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