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Sunday 20th May 2018


I love him, But he doesn't love me. My past best friend, I still face my truest feeling deep down. There's always a part of me, That only belongs to you. The first time, And the last time, I'm truly abandoned, By someone I love deep down.

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Saturday 19th May 2018


fadh4D <a href="">qtdkudbjmxzz</a>, [url=]lanximbuuaag[/url], [link=]sgzjezvgifiv[/link],

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Thursday 17th May 2018


have you all ways lost instructions to you school project and knew but at the last minute you did something about I that's me and I lost my paper to a science project and so yeah and if you don't HOW!!!!!!!!

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Always truly alone…

This isn’t something I wasn’t aware of about life, being truly alone, but it is something that I seem to be remind of more recently. I think my eyes are open like they never have been to my surroundings to help with that clarity. People are just so self-centered! I will admit I can be [..more..]

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I need help

I need help, I basically think myself into these depressive states. It's like I'll be happy and then I'll think about the past, and what he did to her , and what he did to me. I've been told to get over it but how do you get over a wound that has been open [..more..]

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I can’t get a full week of consistency from anyone

Okay this is my last time writing about anything negative (not likely because this is where I get everything off of my chest), and I truly do want to stop complaining. However , I've noticed a trend with all of my "friends" and majority of my significant others , I can never get at least [..more..]

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Wednesday 16th May 2018

My life is messed up

I feel as though no one cares for me, and I had one true friend who mived away last month, it's been hard but I've thought to see through it, so I really need someone to tell me if I need to make better friends, ones that don't leave me when they are in trouble, [..more..]

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Tuesday 15th May 2018

My Queen

She made pain look beautiful, she found peace among the chaos She wore a smile in situations where most would cry She held the weight of the world on her shoulders and never complained She's the one with the angel eyes, ready to raise hell for those who take her lightly She's the flower with [..more..]

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site updates

okay usually I don't feel good about taking the reading test but now I feel okay about it and I feel good about my math but now I don't feel good about my math grade but tomorrow when I'm going to take it I feel good like I'm going to pass it but what I [..more..]

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Has one of your siblings said or done something that was so mean or bad you just hated them and then they turned so sweet all you can do is hug and love them or when they get hurt so yeah and I'm also trying to get my typing all good

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