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Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and redo everything. Girl you were my entire world, without you I was/ am completely lost. I hurt you more than any man could bare to live through I will be sorry until the day I die. I wish you had the courage to take me back for I would never let my mental illnesses or my insecurities impact our relationship like I did. I wish I could have known what I was doing and never had pushed you so far away. I wish i could have been more open but i was so scared, scared you wouldnt believe i hated my job and i didnt want to do it anymore. how would we have survived how could i live knowing i could have given you more. I love you and think about what my life could have been like every second. This happened three months ago but it was going on for months and months, it was all my job I am so sorry… This may be the end, I love you

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