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Oh my sweet gorgeous boy, I can not go a day without thinking about you… wishing and hoping that we could be together.. Its the same old wish all the time but one I never tire of…. Why is that because I so desperately want to be with you.. I dont know if you and me could become a we but I sure as hell am keen and eager to find out… Just wish I wasnt married… Just wish my husband would leave me.. I know that sounds awful and others are probably thinking how nasty and what a b**** I am but I have no idea on how to leave him without destroying and hurting my children…. Its not easy so dont judge me until you have walked in my shoes… If only I wasnt 15 yrs older than you if only our lives were different if only…. God i hate if only….. They are never ending and no good becomes of them….I want so desperately for us to be together I know I keep saying it but its all I dream of all I want all i hope for….. Oh spud pls be that missing piece in my life… pls help me to find you to be with you to come to you…I love you now and forever…. Never Ever and Forever DMF……..

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