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Have you ever felt like just giving up? I often feel like this, I have severe depression disorder, and bipolar disorder. Doing everday things is hard for me, I am severly anti-social. Its hard for me to make friends because I dont trust other people, half the time I find myself watching sad and depressing things or reading depressing things just dwelling on them. I don’t know why I do it I realize its not a healthy thing to do, half of the time I have to look up on youtube top ten happy songs just to make me feel better. I have always been depressed because I had a bad childhood I relaize its in the past but I still act like its in the present. I did good for a long time when I had a boyfriend, but then I started pushing him away just like everything else in my life. We did good for awhile but I found myself using him it was like he was just there. It was just to have him, the idea of him loving me, I soon found out I didnt love him like I should. He did everything and I didnt realize what I had until I lost it. I always have alot on my mind and my feelings overwhelm me so there is not enough space to even write it all. I use to have friends but I always pushed them away I don’t know how to cope with the world. I dropped out of school and it was so stupid of me to because I always said I wouldnt. I realize this is anonymous but I am christina pollard and I am a depressed bipolar.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey im terribly sorry for wt ur feeling right now and trust me i feel the same way too i never thought id find someone that tortured or even suffer of every day life like that its a depression disorder thing but wat can we do i push ppl away too i hav a lot of friends but i dont know how to keep them i keep pushing them away and ive had bfs but i always do something to ruin the rlnship nd just end it i donno wat i want in this life i just want the suffering to end its like hell!!i donno how to escape from oneself ….to get back to my old life where everything was simple mistakes.. no hurt no worries but now theres a lot .. did u see a doctor or u just know ur a depressed bipolar from ur experiences and wat u go thru everyday

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