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This is a cliché I must admit . I didn’t want to fall in love so much I pushed most any boy away I saw my friends cry and I did not want to go through the same heartbreak that they felt . At first I did not understand love I thought it was just a myth I thought the people who said they were in love were just pretending. No one can feel so attached to another right? Well I was wrong . I had tried for many days to be like the others after a while I was tired of hiding from boys and now some of them are my friends . One boy I didn’t think of that way I thought of him like a brother . We joked we laughed and it was all fun and we are still in touch today . Sadly yes it means he’s gone away. Transferred schools because a girl broke his heart and people were just too mean its sad to say I wasn’t able to keep the smile on his face instead it went away. Once a week I get to see him and on that day when I have to leave I go home and cry missing him hurts the most and I now know why . I’m In love with him and the thought just makes me cry. If you think I just miss a good friend your wrong because when I see him my heat really races my thoughts go out of place and sometimes I have to hide my face . I love his smile his laugh his flaws everything is amazing I love him so much I know I can’t tell him he deserves better than me anyway. And that is was plagues my mind today.

2 thoughts on “Love hurts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tell him. If he feels the same way then I promise it will be the best thing in the world. And if he feels the same way, never stop telling/showing him that you love him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oof its hard to read this again , ps it got better i found someone that likes me for me not this guy although i do miss him as a friend

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