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I hate me. I’m stupid. Fat. Clumsy. Every time in try to get better I fail and after so many fails I don’t care anymore. I’m resigned to die like this alone crying.unable to grow up. Unloved by everyone. I’m already 20 and cant do it anymore. I don’t have a job or any skills to get a job with. Ive never had some one to care about. Last year on my birthday I promised myself that if I couldn’t change by my next birthday I would be done, dead. I have less than a month. And it hasn’t changed for the better its only gotten worse. I can’t smile anymore no happy thoughts are in my head. I can’t find help. No one would want to help. I just can’t anymore.
From a nobody

One thought on “life sucks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoa whoa whoa i know your anonymous and probably never check this and i wont see if you do reply back but ill keep my eye on it just in case for a while , i get where you are coming from as I’m going through a simpler time right now. And so has a friend of mine its scary to think I didn’t reach out to them and even though this post is old i hope you are still around i know the worlds a mess but from one big stupid clumsy person to another i hope you found your way and ill be able to find mine never give up the fight we live till it’s world makes us leave! ( that was suppose to be inspirational but idk how it sounds I’m stupid remember lol) PLEASE tell me there’s hope in the future

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