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I feel so alone and this world. Sometimes I wonder if my family really cares about me. When I need them by my side or someone to talk to I don’t have anybody. When I do talk to them they talk about my problems to other people and judge me. Family suppose to not do that. I thought family suppose to be by you and help you in your time in need. I don’t know what type of family I have. Know I just keep my feeling bottle up and to my self. Don’t go time for family to put me down. I don’t care what other people say but when its my family it really hurts. I may not show it but it hurts

2 thoughts on “Feel alone

  1. Soulful Light says:

    Families always judge you – they cant help it! They still love you but in their own small minded way. Try not to judge them badly if you can. Best to share your troubles with a good friend…you only need on good friend! Good luck

  2. Anonymous says:

    Same with my family if I share my feelings with one of them it’s pretty much impossible for them to keep it to themselves next thing you know all my relatives and family friends know as well. Just keep it to yourself and when the right person comes along,someone who you can trust and won’t go spreading your secrets to everyone than speak to them let it all out.

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