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Posted by on 2014/06/01 under Uncategorized

things go on and life get tougher, why do people get meaner
stuck between three rocks, family, to be husband and a lover
why can’t my family understand that i’m growing up
why can’t refuse his marriage proposal
why can’t he man up and propose
things are twisted in my head and pills can only make me happy
being sober is just sad… thinking over and over again about how my life is going to be
i feel like i want to run away and have a new life yet i think about my happy memories
i love them both but what am i to do? hopefully i get things straight but i know i’ll stay away from my family
my real family are my friends, through the rough and the sweet, they always stand beside me
i can’t wait for my lover anymore.. i’m starting to love my husband to be very much but i feel bad in way
everything happens for a reason and my life will turn out to be what it is meant to be

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