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I am from teachers, security guards and glass.
Fragile but strong,
Hardcore Catholics, but don be fooled by the meaning.
I am from state of the horses,
Pure bred with my own flaws,
My family is strict, fun, and modest.
Has integrity, and pride.

I am from a family that does not support same love, all but one.
I am from, I am from,
I am from a house, filled with old memories and new.
A neighbor hood I know so well, but so little.
I lived here so long, but I feel so distant.

I know the roads, but not the people who use them.
We breath the same air, but our paths never cross.

thousands of tears I’ve cried, but they’ve been of many emotions.
I am from a family that had so little growing, barely making past the rough patch.
We suffer the same wounds, but over come the bumps in the road.

I am from love, and laughter.
I am from heartbreak and sadness,
But I smile through it and look on,
To the better times in the future.

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  1. andrea says:

    hope you like it

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