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I want someone to worry about me, someone to care a d love me as a friend or even like family. Someone to pick me up when i am down. I know its just a mutual feeling but i think for now it is permanent. I miss my family and friends so much! I love my family and friends…but do they love me? This is where i become confused and lost and lonely because im not even entirely sure if my friends are going to be always there? I recently came back from a camp where i became closer with everyone there than before. I MISS THEM LIKE CRAZY AND I’VE ONLY BEEN AWAY FROM THEM FOR 10 hours how crazy is that! Im crying over being lonely because i guess i just miss them. I used to miss my dad so much as a kid i still do now but back then i used to write in a wee diary he gave me saying how much i miss him and why he was the best! It was probably more sad for me because my parents splot up and i think that this distance of me amd my dad has triggered me becoming lonely. I need to learn to be happy but i cant when im lost and lonely.

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  1. Flor says:

    Hey, Im Flor! I have no idea who you are or what you look like but i decided that i needed to tell you this: The only way you can stop being lonely is if you keep yourself busy with things you enjoy.
    When i was depressed as hell and alone and always hoping someone would come and save me, i read, took a walk at the park ect. Only when i started doing things i liked, even if i did them alone, i would always….ALWAYS feel better after. And… people noticed and saw me as a happy person full of enthusiasm and most important, a CONFIDENT person. Spending all that time alone, allowed me too “meet” myself. i stared loving myself, more and more. So don’t think that because you feel no cares, you can’t care either! The only way you get people to care about you is to care about them. oxox

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