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I want to major in criminal law, I also want to be a chef get to play with and learn how to cook food in college. I love social studies and stories and history so I could maybe do something in that and I want my masters in every major I choose. My wishes for college. I also want to go to a great school thats is not to far away from my home but not to close either. I want to work now because getting a head start gives me money and it gives me experience in working and I also like to work. Being with people its fun. Oh that reminds me I also want to major in communications so I can work with people. I’m 14 and these are my education and working wishes.

One thought on “My Education and Working Wishes

  1. Justme says:

    Make sure you do the best you can in school because im in high school now and im scared if i’ll get into college. I wish i would have done better.
    Make sure to be social too, because trying to make it through school alone is the most depressing thing ever known to a teenager.

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