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It’s funny, I can’t talk to anyone about my troubles or my sociopathic issues. My mom thinks I’m a troubled child, my dad is never around, my brother hates every inch of me, and my sister.. is also never around. Well sure they have day jobs and such, but I feel forgotten, and this makes me outright hate my family so much. Making friends is outta the question. In fact, I gave up on that a while ago due to my poor listening skills and high awkwardity. I now spend my day “currently” going to college 4 days a week then going home and sitting at my computer…waiting I guess. I sometimes wish I was never born in a sheltered environment, and had family that would hang out together and do fun cool things like eat pizza and play video games and play music n such. Right now none of my family are ever in the same room together and I’m always at home by myself. At least I have my cat to keep me company, although albeit, she doesn’t do anything. I have learned something in solitude. Most of the people like me who are insanely troubled just vent their anger and frustration into the internet. And I say,”F*** you faggots, f*** you.” I’m so lethal sometimes. Honestly, the only thing i want/need in this s*** covered hell hole.. is a companion, female of course. I’m actually quite funny, but holy s*** am I jealous and flaky. I can only talk to one person at a time. 2 and I just shut myself down. Perhaps I should look for another loner. Then we could talk about life and the universe. Are you still reading this? Good. Anyways, lol I already went to a therapist, but f*** that s*** because therapy doesn’t work, at all. Only medicine, but I never got that far in sessions due to my animosity towards my therapist. Wow is this my life in a nutshell? 18 years and not one of them happy at all. You’re never truly born until you recognize your current existence. Ok I’m done for now, and if any of you sociopathic females are reading this, look for that loner asian because he’s actually very laid back and wants nothing but company.

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  1. natalia says:

    I feel you 🙁

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