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You we’re ready to pack up your things and leave the family you created when I was only 4 years old, and my older brothers 9 and 8. You we’re going to leave us to run off with a woman that was married. She had the good sense to not break two families a part and left you, canceling your plans. You lost all respect from the family you we’re prepared to leave. You lost your job because of that women, you lost your home and all the oppurtunties that you could have had in a company that has now manifested and is in every city. You we’re jobless and we sold our personal belongings to stay afloat. But even with doing our best, we sunk like a rock under all your weight. You are the reason we lost our house, why every chance we had to become better was cast away. We had to retreat to another state to seek refuge from all the poverty and even still we get bills in the mail to pay up the amount we would never be able to make because you wanted to leave us for so many women. Donna, Darvy, that stripper from the club. They drove better cars than we ever had, ate better than your own kids, and slept in beds nicer than you ever got us. We were reduced to nothing as your whores got their nails done with your credit card. Our mother sold all her jewelry to feed us, and after years of misery trying to get out of the hole you created, you pushed us back in. This isn’t a family. This is 3 now grown adults that are resentful towards their scum bag father and a women that has gone through abuse, adultery, poverty, lies, and so much more and still wakes up every morning to make sure you have a big breakfast before you leave for work. We are done. This pain isn’t going to define us, we will not be known as the family you left behind or dragged down once again. I want my things back, I want the truck I paid for that you gave to that whore back, and I want you to apologize. The least you could do after all of your lies is to apologize for all the wrong you have done to us. You are a manipulative a****** who thinks your too clever to get caught, but you left a trail that your own daughter could sniff out and uncover.

One thought on “I hate my father

  1. Anonymous says:

    You have every rights to hate your father. My father was a stoner before. Now he’s dead, left us to fend for ourselves. I still loved him though.

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