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I’m just not sure what is happening with my life.. I’m 24 and single. i usually don’t open up to people but i met this guy..and he made me shed all my inhibitions… but as all stories roll out.. he dumped me..really badly. And I went back into my shell. I just didn’t want to get hurt that way again..and i built up these walls to protect myself. Now its somehow become my nature to shun anybody who tries to show the slightest interest in me..kind of a reflex mechanism..and frankly I’m lonely. I just feel depressed cause i want someone to be there for me and take care of me..but I just cannot change myself. I try to let someone in..but if they get too close, then I automatically pull back. I’m lost..Help!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You just have to let yourself go and most of all, trust people. Not all guys are like the one who broke your heart and you have to realize that. By shunning every guy who has an interest in you, you could be making the mistake of turning down your soul mate. Things might not have worked out in the past, but things are not always like that. Just open your heart and give someone a chance. And if you need a little while alone, give yourself that too. Good luck .xx

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