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You think you know everything about me. You think I don’t know what your doing. You think I give a damn. You think that I’m just like you, a whore, a drug dealer, an addict, and a sneak little back stabbing piece of s***. WELL GUEES F***INNG WHAT,I’M NOT. I hate you for expecting me to be like you, I hate your tone of voice when you tell me that I’m just like you. I you because you don’t trust me. I hate you because when it counts to me you don’t care. I hate everything about you. The only thing is that you deserve it, you deserve for me to move, and leave you forever. You can’t see me, you only see yourself. You try to live through me by making my choices for me, and I hate you. I hate that you’ve made me so insecure I feel like I had to be invisible, and therefore no one notices when I’m dying inside. No one sees the tears I’m shedding. I hate that you have made me so afriad of being wrong or abnoraml that I’m a constant actor, even around you. I hate that I can’t figure out who I am because you ingrained things that are un-natural to me into my character. I hate that you think you’re supior to me. I hate that I know things that I shouldn’t, things that you taught me unintentually or other wise. I hate you for making me so unstable that i want to hurt other people and myself.I hate you for making me think that I can’t do anything correctly. I hate you for making me hate human touch. I hate you for making crazy because you couldn’t bear to keep me away from my molester by keeping me yourelf instead of sending me to the care of others. I hate that i have years in my life when I can’t remember you or my father because you were both gone. I hate that your so f***ing narssistic that I can’t even pick out my own clothing or hair style. I hate that you think you let me get away with things. I hate that I can’t have a scoial life, because the people keeping me alive and non sucidal at this point, are too low down, and too stupid for me the gifted child to hang out with. I hate that you think we are supior to my friends and I hate that you you can’t remember the dates that I almost died. I hate everything about you.

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