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I know you brought me into this world but honestly you’re a drunken mess and the money spent on buying you alcohol is ridiculous where it could be spent on other stuff that are more important. Mum is scared of you. She buys you drink because she would do anything for a quiet life as every time you don’t get it causes arguments. When these broke out I used to go over to my sisters bed and she would tell me everything was going to be OK but shes gone now and never coming back. I know we all lost her but she was my bestfriend as well I’m so lonely these days and getting a dog made me feel not as lonely anymore. Even the dog is scared of you must feel good that the whole family is scared of you. You’ve put her outside so I have no company when I’m by myself. Whilst I was writing this you came into my room and shouted at me which has resulted in me crying. I used to adore the ground you walked on but now I can’t tell if your drunk or sober and I get scared when Im around you. I forgive you most of the time then you just balls it up for yourself but I’m done not letting you walk over me no more I may be only 16 but I’m sick of being treated like a piece of s***. P.S Mummy never made me and laura turn against you, you done it yourself. Well done!

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