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Have you ever wondered how us humans evoled? I sit here everyday and thInk to myself why the f*** are we here why do we breathe, eat, build s***, think, talk? So many queations to be answred but nobody knows!
I am about to embark on a journey this weekend i will never forget with two of my closet homies, your thinking to youraelf what the f*** could they possibly be doing, chea thats rite them BOOMS! “aka” shrooms. Im not doing them to get f***ed up, im doing them to open the unknown doors your unaware of in your conciouness! I have never done these before in my life but im very anxious to try them but yet skeptical about them. For the worst or good ita going to chang me in a good way or a bad but i prepared for whatever.

One thought on “Life Itself

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those “shrooms” will just play illusion tricks on you and with a price which will hit after some time,when you least know ot probably.So think about it before using it,risking being un cool with a no is a small thing to pay to what you may pay for using the mario brothers magic elevator(shrooms).

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