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Is there any way of feeling credible? Whenever I do anything in life I find it hard not to be conscious of the ridiculousness of it all. Human endeavour, political will, excelling at work or physical exertions like running or dancing. All of it peels at my raw skin, exposes something intimate which renders me paralysed. The greatest people must be unconscious of this feeling, or else they feel it, but they overcome it. It is hard to imagine the insecurity that comes from understanding the human condition, lurking behind the confident faces that punctuate our history.

Perhaps this is part of the truth at the heart of the saying “ignorance is bliss”.

One thought on “Clipped wings

  1. zack says:


    Just laugh, man. If you feel ridiculous just laugh at how dorky it is. Laugh, and act, and laugh at THAT action I guess, and just keep going till you feel whatever it is that comes after that. Any maybe that credibility you seek exists within the conscious observation of the ridiculousness that chafes at you. LIke, you ARE being credible when you are worryabout about your credibility. So run with that feeling! But my advice is put some vaseline on your thighs to avoid that raw skin thing you were talking aboot.

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