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Monday 16th April 2018

Gosh Darn Urges

Hopefully, I'll actually do some work today on my art because yesterday I made the mistake of binge-watching porn. I intended to stop eventually, but I just kept going deeper down the rabbit hole, and even after getting wet a couple of times, I still haven't reached the final climax where I'm so exhausted/oversensitive I [..more..]

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Sunday 15th April 2018


So I like watching a lot of scary movies and creepy pastas. I am watching one right now and I think it's pretty interesting. It's called Hush. Well out of the topic, there are many people that think I am a freak because of it. Here I will tell you a story on what I [..more..]

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It's been quite some time since I last needed to write here. About you. To you. A year perhaps two has gone by. Our seasons of needing each other ended. So did the communication. But my longing for you, loving you never did. And I think it never will. I've come to accept our unique [..more..]

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Saturday 14th April 2018

Talentless (long read)

I just want a talent. No, 'want' implies I am greedy and selfish – though perhaps I am – I would say 'need' more accurately represents my agonising longing. Something I'm good at, is that so much to ask? Every human is skilled at /something/, then why not me? And I don't say this simply [..more..]

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Friday 13th April 2018


I just want to fall in love.

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mental block

I can't find any reasons as to why I should attempt to be social. I feel lonely but whenever I think of doing something social I immediately think of the worst possible situations and how it's so much more comfortable to hide in a dark corner allowing myself to get worse with each second that [..more..]

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Is loving someone with every fiber, molecule, atom, proton, and quark of your fragile existence,with the prospect of still not being enough

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Thursday 12th April 2018

You know what…….

I’m thinking of just simply end it all…death don’t even sound all that bad, apparently your brain works overtime just to make your last few hours, your last few breaths, your last few rewinded memories smooth and calm…………….just pulling a trigger will bring a quick swift death, not a slow painful one…but of course at [..more..]

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Wednesday 11th April 2018


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