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Monday 20th March 2017


m a lot depressed these days!! its not that this is new for me.. i think that what happened wid me few years back has changed me completely in a bad way.. i hv lost hope..!! it seems that my brain is hardwired to think negative and i cant come out of that… Everything i [..more..]

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F***ing Cat Ears

Cat ears are just really annoying to me. I hate people who wear cat ears because generally they think they’re cute. And it’s not the fact necessarily that they’re wearing cat ears it’s just the conceitedness that comes with them. I just… idk… I can’t stand people who wear them.

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Atheist with aggresive conservative christian parents

Every Sunday I have to go to church with my parents and they don’t know that I’m atheist. Every Sunday in church is hell to me, ironic isn’t it? They’ll disown me if I ever tell them im atheist. Every Sunday I spend 3 hours in church and then another 3-5 hours doing other things [..more..]

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Sunday 19th March 2017

I have got a huge maths test tomorrow

And I am gonna smash it. yup. I have worked so so so hard. It’ll only be fair. And tomorrow, by this time.. I will be the happiest person. It’s gonna be great. Just a few more hours.

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Oh Well.

Oh Well… I had the chance to approach you and talk to you, I had the chance to let you see the real me and not the girl you always see when we go out as a group, I had the chance to let you know how handsome i find you, How cool i find [..more..]

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I know you don’t feel the same for me but I love you. Deeply.. it’s not that intoxicated kinda this. (It might have been that in the start tho) I fully understand you are not the most perfect have flaws imperfections and ah that’s alright with me. I see something masculine and strong [..more..]

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So I don’t know if anyone is gonna read this and I don’t really care I just want to let it out. I’m a girl and I live in a very sexist country and society but my parents are sexist too but they’re not the worst. My dad have beaten me before twice but not [..more..]

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Saturday 18th March 2017

strange hope

I started to write here recently…because there is no one left to hear my feelings.everyone busy in their own life and I feel though I pretend to be busy I’m not…there is no one who has got patience to listen to my joys,my sorrows and my thoughts. I have got bunch of friends,I’m considered to [..more..]

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i know that writing is a way to vent out the sadness and the emptiness nesting in the pit of your stomach… but what about the happiness, the joy found in the little things… I’m not perfect, but i love to write! I love the smell of freshly printed books and dusty old books alike. [..more..]

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I don’t know anymore

I’m 30. I’m in a bar right now. I don’t wanna be here. I don’t like drinking anymore. I hate the cigar smoke. I don’t like smallx talk. Everything’s too loud. I can’t talk normally. Everyone’s yelling because of the loud music. I don’t want to be here! Why am I doing this to myself?

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