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Sunday 10th June 2018

Music is dead

There was a time when music used to give me chills and goosebumps and i could listen to the same song for days,weeks amd months but not anymore. It's just weird, that how can i be so uninterested in something that i loved so much and was never tired of it, maybe it's just because [..more..]

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You Could Have

I hate you for never going to university, I hate you for having depression At the end of your high school, So that you never actually completed The very last important exams. I wish you had been to university. You always deserve a life like this, Even a famous university That most people don’t have [..more..]

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Saturday 9th June 2018


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A Beautiful Lie

I fell in love for the first time around a year ago with a female friend. We became kinda close then drifted apart over the summer. We reconnected earlier this year in February. I learned she had broken up with her old boyfriend and had found a new boyfriend (who had already cheated on her [..more..]

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I'm bitter cause I'm with someone who calls himself a man and he's not what the birds left. He can't hold a job unless he has someone there to hold his hand like me cause he 12 and don't want to be alone. But he never asked me to come along I would have. Now [..more..]

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Friday 8th June 2018


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