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Wednesday 22nd March 2017

The terror of the world

Theres just so much hate Hate for each other Hate for animals Hate for the innocent Its unneeded unwarrented and just uncalled for Its upset and distressing It needs to end And the sadness of it all is too much to bear I find myself thinking about it constantly All the pain The suffering The [..more..]

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suicide tendecies

For past 1 year I am severely having suicidal tendencies.I dropped my college as I was a victim of teasing and playing emotionally fool at college.i did not share my thoughts and emotions to anybody except my bf.My family hates me for spending so much of money on my education which proved useless as I [..more..]

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Tuesday 21st March 2017


Nobody will be there for you when you really needs them..😐

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I want to cry, I really want my words to reach somebody

I feel terrible I was just in the hospital but now I’m at school doing way too much for my body to handle. I want someone to see me and notice me. To help me. I just want someone who cares about me that will actually help me. I want to find a motivation to [..more..]

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Monday 20th March 2017

fear of being alone

my dad left my mom and got married when we (i and my elder sister) were kids of 7 and 11 years old.Years later my mom had an affair with her elderly office colleague who had 4 kids who was not divorced and had a typical uneducated wife.we got easily attached with their children.Years rolled [..more..]

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Crazy? Perhaps.

I know this might sound odd, anyone coming from a completely sane point of view might see that what I’m about to talk about seems odd,but, coming from someone who has an imagination as wide as the eyes can see, this might not sound so crazy. To be frank, me and my ex are broken [..more..]

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none of the questions or their answers matter because im just not important anymore

i keep trying to accept that i will always be alone its just that every now and then i break down because im having a hard time with

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Stacey tynell miller

Such a b****. She can suck my d*** which is what she’s use to anyway. She had the nerve to get pregnant while we were married and then have an abortion. What a hoe…

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questions and answers mean nothing to those who refuse to listen

for so long now , ive been dependent on you. that is a direct result of your very own words and actions. but that doesnt mean that i am invisible or that i dont need closeness , consideration , companionship , honesty , friendship , kindness or thoughtfulness from you to say the least. you [..more..]

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mentally broke

very broke mentally they all called me and questioning me what you said why you said to other people i am so scared i need to get out of this life and please help me, god. the stage i am i want everything to delete and i want to forget myself. i am so scared

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