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Friday 15th June 2018

Everyone hates eachother

Al my friends are at each others throats, and idk what to do about it, like it's gotten out of hand, huge tying ppl from the year above to be involved with it and this one boy keeps calling my friend a nigger, and a wanker, and a lazy ass b**** who Is a fake, [..more..]

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Thursday 14th June 2018

F*** b****

Man this fat ass bich complains about everlittle f***ing thing thks b**** should kill herself because no onee lkkes her she is sill fat she stells everyone that she lost weight but she is still a fat ass bich j hope she kills herself one day one day i will never talk to her and [..more..]

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Should I get over him

I liked this guy for two years now, at first he was sweet and kind, he always seemed to have a genuine smile when he talks to me.I've always thought maybe that he was interested, but he stopped talking to me for a bit. I've tried getting over him so many times now knowing he [..more..]

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Love poem

Fair warning I am not a poet or a rapper so I will try my best. Okay I hope it is not a crime When I say I don't have the time To sit here all day and rhyme To write for you my beautiful dime I always felt like a stone So depressed and [..more..]

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Wednesday 13th June 2018


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