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Tuesday 28th March 2017


As far as i know m suffering from anxiety and myb depression; had a panick attack recently but the one f***ing person who is 2 tc of me is not helping and is self obsessed… The thing​ i realised​ is that the reason for all the anxiety is the expectations we cr8…. Myb with a [..more..]

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I’m scared of death. I see people die everyday,(not in physical, in news) and I’m just realizing that I could die today or any other day. I have lots and lots of fears but I’m the most petrified of this one. I don’t want to die yet. I live in a dangerous place, I’m terrified [..more..]

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Monday 27th March 2017


I still prefer 2-D over 3-D.

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feelings …

Idek anymore, I feel stressed and I can’t deal with it. I had an argument with my friend over some s*** she got other people involved and they hate me.I was dreading school tbh I didn’t even want to go in. No one really understands me tbh except one of my close friends she has [..more..]

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I need a friend

Sometimes I feel like I’m completly alone, without friends nor nothing. I do not trust people and this is a huge problem, because I can’t express my thoughts or other things. I’m always afraid to be judeged by people, and everyone has a high estimation of me. They thnk they know me, but sadly, not. [..more..]

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My past with being bullied, anxiety,and depression

Hi, I am Antoinette, and I want to share some things about myself. I have a learning disability, which means information goes to my brain, but I never understand how to put it on paper. I struggled with this problem all my life. I didn’t learn until grade 5, I was 10 years old. when [..more..]

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Sunday 26th March 2017

There’s a storm coming..

Ther is a storm coming.. it’s gonna long at least 10 days.. not forever though.. it will pass.. that’s the law of the universe, isn’t it? nothing lasts. neither will this. Nut what about the time it does last? How to survibe? How to keep your cool when all you wanna do is scream and [..more..]

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Love revenge

once there lived a girl named fire blue she had a sister named water blue they lived in a castle. one day the evil fire cast a evil spell on water blue they evil over came her she turned evil she tried to kill her sister but the guards locked her up and for 8 [..more..]

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My prayer is answered…….

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Saturday 25th March 2017

High emotional state

When you thought you were OK but you are not When you realise everything is your fault How can you do to fix things right How can you do to apologise When a hand was given to you You said no because you re a fool And now you re alone feeling misunderstood But how [..more..]

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