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Wednesday 11th April 2018

Help me

I need you in my life, I don't know how I ever breathed without I could nearly see u from across the road, but when I saw your face I knew I needed u. We soon became friends, all our friends made fun us, but u never rlly minded, just got annoyed, idk if u [..more..]

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Tuesday 10th April 2018

Word Vomit

Figured I’d write since I am bored and my girlfriend is asleep. I sit in my house which is under construction. I have done what I thought was right for most of my life. I have realized my drinking has caused many problems not just for me but for many around me. To fix it [..more..]

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Monday 9th April 2018

Science Fair

Why, I am so confused. All I got was a packet and told to follow the instructions. My partner is I a different class and grade, how do I communicate? We don't have each other's phone number or anything. I am supposed to be representing my school and my teacher tells me the week before [..more..]

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Love or obsession?

he has doubts he start thinking that i talk to any other guy from different phone or email id or i meet someone or i like/love someone else or i dnt love him anymore and then he ask me for proofs that show me the call records or send ur photo wherever n with whom [..more..]

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Sunday 8th April 2018


My boy bestie stopped liking my posts on Instagram, what's gone wrong help me, idk why he's doing this, tell me😭😭

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Here were are again…

More words, move knives thrown in, more wounds that will not heal. Wounds that will fester and rot. Breathing gets harder and there’s a knot in my stomach. Why must things be this way? Why do you hurt me beyond repair? Why do I love you even when you completely destroy me? You are the [..more..]

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Don't know if I'm depressed or just tired with having a family that chooses to be unhappy with their lives. Each of us decides to view life in a positive or negative way. I think I've reached the limit of having to keep such a positive outlook amongst a family that is so negative.

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More Stuff More Important

Do we consume to measure our importance in life? I look around at everything me and my family has accumulated over the years with amazement. There is so much junk I am ready to get rid of and throw away. Closets filled with itmes we never opened, things covered in dust, such a waste.

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Made the choice

I wish people would take responsibility for the choices they make and start realizing how those choices affect everyone else. I don't know ow how much more I can take of having to handle the results of other people's decisions. Maybe that's just what a parent and spouse has to deal with.

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My mother has always told me that she tries to be a good mother but that she's not. I don't believe that, deep down inside I know she is just trying to make me feel good. I found out that I was mostly a mistake. She has always told me that she isn't expecting anything [..more..]

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