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Friday 17th March 2017

Live and let live

You can waste your time trying to interfere with my life, but im just chilling

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Thursday 16th March 2017

I will not be better than you. I will be the BEST.

I hate comparison.If anyone compares me to anyone else.. i can’t stand it. I think that’s the only reason why I have always been the best at school and stuff.. but things changed last year. I was disinterested in studies. and I had the time of my life. i stopped caring when people compared. it [..more..]

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everything sucks…

Don’t blame me for everything because I’m not the only reason….you need to learn how to behave….and I have lost all hopes on our relationship….it’s a wonder how our love is sustaining….may be because I am not ready to walk out…i still love you but when you will come your senses and when you understand [..more..]

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i want to live the life…the way i want ….without disturbance and ‘if and but’.

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i have been loving you. since the first time i met you i knew you were the one. and everytime i called you answered, things were find at first but then i noticed you. you were getting ut of realtionship, and we would all be just chilling and your phone rings and you run to [..more..]

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what happened to friends forever?

You were there for me and me for you. We were more than friends. We were sisters. You cared about me as much as yourself. you always loved me as a sibling and threatened to murder me if i ever have any bad thoughts about myself. haha you were always there for me when i [..more..]

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Stop messing with my feelings

How much longer are you going to play around like that huh? I really dont get whats so fun with playing around with the people around you. I know you might not mean it and that it was just a joke,but you gave me up so stop coming back to get me. Do you know [..more..]

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Almost four years

It was almost four years ago… I should be over it, but I’m not… We were best friends and I went and screwed it up by being selfish, AMD fr years later, I still fr guilty… I can’t talk to you, I wish I could but I can’t, and you know that… I think you [..more..]

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Tired of living

I m tired frm my life😭

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Normal? I think not…

Why do people expect me to sit in a locked room with a random stranger (pretending its normal) and pooring out my emotions. Uh I think the f*** not. How ever id much rather poor out my emotions online, behind a screen where no one can see the tears running down my face -kms<3

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