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Saturday 19th May 2018


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Tuesday 15th May 2018

My Queen

She made pain look beautiful, she found peace among the chaos She wore a smile in situations where most would cry She held the weight of the world on her shoulders and never complained She's the one with the angel eyes, ready to raise hell for those who take her lightly She's the flower with [..more..]

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Sunday 13th May 2018


this guy I’m seeing, for the second time around, is sending me mixed signals and I’m so confused to what the relationship is and I need to talk about it, not through texting but actually talk to him, but he’s always busy it seems or he just doesn’t want to find time for me. Anyway, [..more..]

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Friday 11th May 2018

Love Trouble

I need help. One of my very good friends(male) has a crush, or more, on me. He hasn't told me but is honestly very obvious. I used to like him. But I like someone else and I don't want to ruin our friendship. On the other hand, sometimes my current crush can be annoying and [..more..]

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Monday 7th May 2018


Baby I'd love to be yours

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Sunday 6th May 2018

Why do people make u cry

The one whom u love the most hurts you the most Why?? Why do people have to play with your emotions. Why do they don't understand the true love that someone is giving them. Every one is not fake. Every one is not lier.every one is not a play material. Even I have feelings. I [..more..]

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Saturday 5th May 2018

Is he the one….

I had a relationship for 5 years. He never respected my feelings. Always used me for his needs. I decided to move on.. I met someone recently. Fell in love with ji. But not sure if he is the one. I don't know if he is the one. Don't won't to ho go through the [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd May 2018


I'm slowly getting confused, first you say we are friends, then you leave to go with your other friends and don't talk to me for like a hours, and I feel kind of alone, you are slowly and quietly blocking me out, and you can't seem to fugue out that, that, FOR GOODNESS SAKE BOY, [..more..]

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Monday 30th April 2018


1. What do I want to say you? Nothing. I don't need to say anything about you and I don't need to point out your mistakes because you know yourself. I don't make any mistake about you. I care about you as much as I can. I just try to be independent while you are [..more..]

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Monday 23rd April 2018

Does Anybody Ever Really JUST Know?

I have this friend, they're my very best friend. We met in high school as freshmen and I remember meeting him and kind of just feeling like we'd be friends for a very long time. I mean I told myself I was naive, i even made a joke to a non mutual friend, "if i [..more..]

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