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Monday 9th July 2018

Sorry I love you

So anonymously I feel the need to write because I have written here in the past of heartbreak and sadness I thought maybe now I should share my joy. After getting my heart broken from unrequited love slowly without realizing it I was beginning a strong friendship and bond to another. We were both weird [..more..]

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why am i not good enough

i feel like im not good enough for my partner.. he is so perfect and i am not.. they'd probably say everyone is not perfect nut to me he is perfect and i love him so much..but i'm just truly not good enough and im sorry its kinda dumb and my grammars bad but he [..more..]

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Sunday 8th July 2018


are you ever just so hopelessly full of love for someone who's taken? I don't even know if I'm in love with him it's just so bizarre knowing he loves me too but not in the romantic sense. I'm just… I've never felt so loved before and it's so confusing because I'm so so happy [..more..]

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Tuesday 3rd July 2018


im ugly crying over a guyu i broke up with and i hate myself for it

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Why Do You Always Do This To Me

You, that word is meant for a specific person, you, I'm using that word since I am talking about a very specific person, and person who means a lot to me, and I can't stand if I lost him, he's one of y closest friends, my sunshine on a rainy day, my shower after a [..more..]

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Tuesday 26th June 2018

Actually tell me what to do this time!?!?!?

i bust my f***ing heart out to the internet, and no one gives a s***, I loovvveeeee him and I dont know how to tell him, cos he's a close friend and I don't want to ruin everything, tell me what to Doooooooo? If he is on here idk what I'd do if he knew [..more..]

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Monday 25th June 2018

f*** i love him

I only hate her because he loves her so much and i know that i can never give him what she did. One day he's gonna leave me for her and that's ok. He deserves to be happy. And if she's the one that makes him happy then so be it. I know that i'm [..more..]

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Saturday 23rd June 2018

Would a ‘friend’ pt2

Would a friend be so scared to talk to u? Would a friend grab on to u when he's frightened? Would a friend tell u what's going on in his life about family, probably? Would a friend act so awkward around u? Would a friend love a very small, hard to find youtuber, btw go [..more..]

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Would a ‘friend’

Would a friend let u use his ear phones? Would a friend ask to sit bext to u on the bus? Would a friend insist to listen to ur fav song? Would a friend be so cute in ur eyes? Would a friend put his arm around you for no reason? Would a friend be [..more..]

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Friday 15th June 2018

People I love

Ok so i was looking for a site in which i can write things. Even though im not into writing that much. Now by the title u already might know that I love my family but theres another person i love. His name is Shane Dawson. Hes a youtuber. Now i know many people love [..more..]

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