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Posted by on 2018/06/10 under Life

There was a time when music used to give me chills and goosebumps and i could listen to the same song for days,weeks amd months but not anymore.

It's just weird, that how can i be so uninterested in something that i loved so much and was never tired of it, maybe it's just because i grew up, maybe i don't have people around me that i can share music with and i can't form an emotional connection with the song, maybe it's just too much music out there or maybe it's just i don't like it anymore.

Whatever the reason maybe, it sucks and i hate this feeling and it's not a phase anymore, i have realized that. I'm done for good with music.

2 thoughts on “Music is dead

  1. Anonymous says:

    please dont be done with good music. one day ill be a star and ill write the best music for people like u.

    1. Anonymous says:

      that was me im donna

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