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Posted by on 2018/05/15 under Life

I wake up and realize, hey, it's a new day. Things will get better, despite being fifteen minutes late from leaving early for the schooling hours. "Things will get better," yeah, I thought. I really f***ing thought that. I'm jokingly beaten into a horrible mindset and it's only the first hour. The later and more terrible hours come after the first class. A warm embrace during physical activity, my mind is out of that bitter shell. Then, lunch hours come, and that's where everything turns into s***. I isolate myself for the sake of others. No one needs a negative person in their life, while they happily live. I'm alone. The view is everything I want. Healthy bodies, amazing people, and it's r i g h t t h e r e. But no matter how I try. I always end up repeating this cycle of sadness over and over. Nothing will break it. I want to escape. Where is the person I need to end it all. Or better yet, the thing I need to leave this world?


  1. a random helper \ a helping hand says:

    I feel as if I’m kind of like this too. I think that something is wrong with me sometimes. However , here’s my advice to you I know that keep your head up s*** is bulls*** so just try to change your perspective I swear things will get better , love Valeria

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