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Posted by on 2018/04/15 under Life

So I like watching a lot of scary movies and creepy pastas. I am watching one right now and I think it's pretty interesting. It's called Hush. Well out of the topic, there are many people that think I am a freak because of it. Here I will tell you a story on what I mean. A girl at my high school, we'll call her Ashley, is known as the 'popular girl'. She hates me and I hate her too. But she has no reason to. I never have done anything specifically to her. She just does not like me…at…all. So everybody knows that I love horror including her. And obviously because Ashley is very cliche, she uses this as a way of making fun of me. Honestly the dumbest sh*t anybody could do. So anyway, I was down the hallway and I see Ashley at the other end, and she is singing "Here comes gothy gothy gothy." And I am just sitting there like bish shut the f up hoe. But I din't say anything. Well I think you get the picture. I am beyond annoyed by this girl. That's all.

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