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Posted by on 2018/04/08 under Life

My mother has always told me that she tries to be a good mother but that she's not. I don't believe that, deep down inside I know she is just trying to make me feel good. I found out that I was mostly a mistake. She has always told me that she isn't expecting anything from me. Well now I am 18 and I am leaving. Do not think I am committing suicide, no, I am just leaving home. Lets see how far I will go. I hope I can get as much support here, or at least more than what my mom gives me. Thank you for reading my story.

2 thoughts on “Leaving…Forever

  1. Anonymous says:

    you should talk to someone and build a support system before you do that

  2. WY says:

    You shouldn’t do that. You should tell your mother frankly something that you feel.

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