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Posted by on 2018/01/04 under Life

1)Stuck in a rut
So I pack my things
Lost my love
I'm getting ready to leave and
I can't stop thinkin
I can feel my heart wrenching
And I'm choking up
Packed all my things
but I still have the feeling
Im missing something
Leaving and the city shrinks out of view in my rearview
With a hundred bucks for gas and no actual plan
I picked up to northern California with an ache in my heart
It's been a few months
And I have a hole in my chest
Its felt like eternity
Rotting over the same thing
Been trying to keep myself busy
Running mile after mile
But its true that I've never been to busy for you because in the back of my mind there's a spot for you
Like I was programmed to serve you
No matter how much distance I put it doesn't help I've been programmed for you
And I could only love you

2) Stuck in my head
Living out of 4wheels
Eating the worst meals
5 dollar deals up before Dawn and running till I drop
Showing up to work a mess
Wafting around last night's stank
But Now I'm stacking the bank
The new life isn't so bad but im
Stuck in my head
Living out of 4wheels
Eating the worst meals
5 dollar deals
Up before Dawn and running till I'm dead
gym is where I have a showerhead
And I run miles to escape my head
Till I go numb
And I'm Not even a health nut

3)Half my heart is
Back with my ex
Who cut me out with an axe
Marriage no longer on my mind
Fun nights no commitment
And it don't matter if I don't get it
My manita is sufficient
No risk of infection

4)Wish I'd keel over from a stroke RN
And if I managed to live then
Blessed I'd be if it was with amnesia
I'd like to forget the first time I'd seen ya
I'd plow all those memories out in to the trash and burn them to stay warm in the winter
But till that day I'm looking down this bottle of liquor
Pour it down my throat to keep me warm in the winter
Lemme Forget all about what happened earlier
And I'm sure I'm not the first
But maybe I'm the first to play the victim so heavily

8 thoughts on “Couple of things I wrote over the past few months all I ask is you take the time to read em

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