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Posted by on 2017/11/30 under Life

Hi, tonight I'm not feeling well. It's already 12:10 AM here but I still can't sleep because my pillows are soaked in tears. I can't tell anyone about this, because if I do people will call me a drama queen and I'm afraid they'll get angry at me for even thinking of killing myself. See that? I am not free to do what I want because people would tell me I'm being too much, and everyone would say I'm selfish when all they've ever done was demand something from me, but I can't meet everyone's expectations of me. And now they are even trying to control my want of killing myself.

No. I'm not going to kill myself. I don't want to but I think it's the onky way for people to remember that I also did something god for them. Do I really have to die for that? Why is everyone like this? Am I really the selfish one? I don't wanna think anymore.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i understand how you feel. you want to be okay for other people, but it’s okay to not be okay. i promise. i hope you feel better, you’ll get through this.

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