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Sunday 20th May 2018


I love him, But he doesn't love me. My past best friend, I still face my truest feeling deep down. There's always a part of me, That only belongs to you. The first time, And the last time, I'm truly abandoned, By someone I love deep down.

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Thursday 17th May 2018


have you all ways lost instructions to you school project and knew but at the last minute you did something about I that's me and I lost my paper to a science project and so yeah and if you don't HOW!!!!!!!!

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Always truly alone…

This isn’t something I wasn’t aware of about life, being truly alone, but it is something that I seem to be remind of more recently. I think my eyes are open like they never have been to my surroundings to help with that clarity. People are just so self-centered! I will admit I can be [..more..]

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I need help

I need help, I basically think myself into these depressive states. It's like I'll be happy and then I'll think about the past, and what he did to her , and what he did to me. I've been told to get over it but how do you get over a wound that has been open [..more..]

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I can’t get a full week of consistency from anyone

Okay this is my last time writing about anything negative (not likely because this is where I get everything off of my chest), and I truly do want to stop complaining. However , I've noticed a trend with all of my "friends" and majority of my significant others , I can never get at least [..more..]

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Wednesday 16th May 2018

My life is messed up

I feel as though no one cares for me, and I had one true friend who mived away last month, it's been hard but I've thought to see through it, so I really need someone to tell me if I need to make better friends, ones that don't leave me when they are in trouble, [..more..]

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Tuesday 15th May 2018

my worrys LOL

sometimes I wonder if I'm going to wake up after I lay my head on my pillow will I wake back up or will my family wake back up. I don't know why but I cold just totally wake up and seeing the world just on fire or just my house or one o my [..more..]

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OMG!! I took my starr test and it was my math and I totally think I failed it I was so out of my mind didn't know what I was thing guessing on the word problems because I just wanted to get some sleep and I didn't want to be the kid who makes everyone [..more..]

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I wake up and realize, hey, it's a new day. Things will get better, despite being fifteen minutes late from leaving early for the schooling hours. "Things will get better," yeah, I thought. I really f***ing thought that. I'm jokingly beaten into a horrible mindset and it's only the first hour. The later and more [..more..]

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I do it all the time. I overthink to the point where it becomes a reality. The point where I believe things that are maybe true. I want to not believe the false things I tell myself. But every time, every second of my useless life, I believe the things I tell myself. My friends [..more..]

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