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Friday 11th May 2018


Today I didn't go to school because I didn't feel well my mom had ask me to feed my dog before she left she said hi to my dog [nani] so about 20 minutes went by and the I got up to feed here she had her head in a princess castle dog bed and [..more..]

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Sunday 8th April 2018


Don't know if I'm depressed or just tired with having a family that chooses to be unhappy with their lives. Each of us decides to view life in a positive or negative way. I think I've reached the limit of having to keep such a positive outlook amongst a family that is so negative.

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Made the choice

I wish people would take responsibility for the choices they make and start realizing how those choices affect everyone else. I don't know ow how much more I can take of having to handle the results of other people's decisions. Maybe that's just what a parent and spouse has to deal with.

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Wednesday 4th April 2018

I f***ing hate you

Did you know I used to look up to you? Yeah you were my uncle and yea I'm supposed to respect you, but what you did today f***ing tore out my heart and my admiration for someone like you. You were smart and worked hard and was always offering me ways to climb up to [..more..]

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Monday 19th February 2018



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Saturday 17th February 2018



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Friday 16th February 2018

best gift ever

so my sibling got me this Shakespearean insult fridge magnet set and i put all the words on my whiteboard in my room. they're good for a laugh when i'm sad. and oftentimes they sounds more like invader zim quotes than shakespearean insults, its great.

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Sunday 11th February 2018

Hey dad

I just wanted to say f*** you and burn in hell! all your life you did nothing but harm and use others, your sister whom you bragged about f***ing to me, your first wife and son, the whore you knocked up and abandone carring your illigitmate child (while you were married to my mother, you [..more..]

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Sunday 4th February 2018

How to handle my stubborn sisters..???

I am an elder sister of 3 stubborn sisters. We lost our mom 3 years ago. Its not easy to handle 3 teenage sisters when they are so stubborn and don't listen to you. I try my best to make them understand all the troubles I have to face because of them. The problem is [..more..]

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Thursday 18th January 2018

mom and yiyiy

My mom think she know it all😩 I sand there and my Yiyiy some time I just want to hit her she thing my. Hole family 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅 My baby sitter is the worst I wish my mom didn't Have to work 4day

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