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Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Split personalities?

As usual, I am braving through difficult situations now. This morning it felt as though I was a weak and confused person. But in the afternoon I’ve turned into my usual capable self again. It’s kind of scary. I hope I am not developing any personality disorder. I vaguely feel there are two versions of [..more..]

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Fucking Thiefs

I just hate it when people steal. I mean, why do you have to steal when you can try to get it for yourself on your own? To whoever stole my wallet, which has everything in it, I hope you f***ing die and get your dick cut off. Do you even know how annoying it [..more..]

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Dear, October

you’re my favorite month but this year it just seem so bad for me from losing my rabbit two days before my birthday over an action that someone else made that I can’t even control, to ending up having so many overwhelming situations happen where I am constantly manipulated and verbally abused in my own [..more..]

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All I want to be able to do is understand myself. 19 and unable to discern between what I like and dislike, what I want to do and what I loathe doing, what I am good at and what I am truly crap at. What makes it worse is I feel completely unattractive. Although I [..more..]

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yes i want to change but i cant see any opportunities of it. YES i am lazy and this makes my life hole crap but i do not know what to feel or how can i make maselfe change i do not want this kind of life for rest of my life………………………………………………………………….

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She longed for a place where she’d “BELONG”,A place she’d call home because among us she felt unknown. He longed for a place where he’d find “PEACE”,A place he’d release all the stress,He cries out “JAH BLESS!”.They all seem to be searching for what they think they need when they really don’t know they had [..more..]

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Fucking PE

Yes, f*** PE. Alright I f***ing go that PE is good for your freaking health. But you know I suck at that. And I’m not like my friends (who also are suck at PE), they aren’t worry about PE because they just don’t care. But me, I take things serious that I worry about it [..more..]

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Tuesday 21st October 2014

First time

I just need someone who I can tell what I really feel inside. Just want to try this though <3

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I really just googled this because I feel like typing on my keyboard. I accidentally forgot my UWiD for logging in at the University of Washington so I came here and am now currently writing this. I have no idea what this website is. I have literally never been here before and don’t know what [..more..]

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A very bad day

I did not attend my classes in the morning because I thought today is the holiday but actually, it falls on tomorrow. Yesterday morning, I was unable to wake up because of staying up late. Apparently, I missed both today and yesterday classes. What the f*** am I doing…I am so f***ing useless.

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