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Sunday 27th July 2014

Can’t live a Day Without Him

Now that his phone is off , i feel like i am nothing without him but i know that his phone will be back on later. But when i dont talk to him i feel so depressed , he makes me so happy when i talk to him . i know that no other boy [..more..]

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help me?

I’ve been ignoring a guy who used to be my close friend before, i just don’t know why on earth am i ignoring him? Well, i kind of find him disgusting, he’s 4 years older than me and now, he texts me through LINE and i don’t even bother to read ‘em. He was wondering [..more..]

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Saturday 26th July 2014

Love doesn’t die easily

When my girl first accepted to be my other half i thought we will be together forever. But after a year (the best year of my life) she broke up with me. There’s nothing more painful than the thought of having lost the person you care about the most. Its been three days and i [..more..]

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I understand

I’m sorry. I understand gopi.

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A Break You Say?

Its nice to be able to depend on someone for something at some point in your life, but when the spice in life is bland and special acts of affection become routines thats when you really messed up. To have that thought that you’ve found your soul-mate in the couple of months that you’ve been [..more..]

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How to be nice

I was so talkative and outgoing when I was younger, but now I’m shy and can’t even bring myself to say a word. It feels so wrong, but no matter how hard I try to go back, I can’t seem to be my old self again. I’m always so bitter too and I hate it [..more..]

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some thoughts for anyone who has had a few bad days….. or years

Its so crazy to me how…. whatever life we’re born into is something we deal with. good or bad. We don’t get to chose family, we don’t choose anything. But forced to make the best of it whenever life gets real. That moment of clarity. The moment when you realize that you’re the only person [..more..]

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“I will not just make love to you. I will also f*** you, hard until you come screaming. Do you you like that, babe? I’ll f*** you very very hard. Be ready. Because i promise you this will make you insane.” Tila nanginig ang pagkababae niya sa sinabi ni Fabio. His voice was sexy and [..more..]

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For ten long years I have been everybody else somebody never my own. I am tired of being home with the kids no friends and no family that would ever help me. I always try to be friends but if you don’t treat your kids right I can’t hang with you and that’s the case [..more..]

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