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Friday 18th April 2014

My Grandma

My grandma was one of the strongest woman i knew. She spoke her mind and even through tough times she always found a way to make you smile. Although, everyday i could see her getting weaker and weaker, it was painful to watch. Everyday she had to wake up without her true love next to [..more..]

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Feeling Lost.

“I don’t think I can make it out tonight.” This phrase has been my motto these past few days.. okay weeks… or months… I haven’t left my house in a while.. besides school of course. What am I waiting for? This is just the calming before the storm.. Can it get worse? To answer my [..more..]

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im done feeling this pain. I feel like its never going to go away. I don’t want to live anymore. my heart hurts and my mind is just tired of thinking through all of this. why does everybody hate me. am I crazy. no one ever listens. no one ever understands. I just don’t know [..more..]

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Heart Torture

I love you so much it literally feels like a punch in the heart. Every night I cry so much, for hours, until I reach the point where I feel like I’ve run out of tears and cannot cry any more. You confused my heart. Why do you tell me you love me, yet you [..more..]

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A guy I can’t have

There’s this guy i really like.. i told him that i lied him…but he said “I can’t be with anyone who is so negative” and when he said that my heart just broken into many of pieces it just..shattered….i tried to put the pieces back but i couldn’t because i was so deeply broken he [..more..]

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Push people away

I’m terrified. I’m insecure. Sometimes I get scared people don’t want to be around me because I’m boring and quiet so I refrain from interacting with others.

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I HATE HER!!!!!!

I hate my sister, like I really hate her. She is the snobbiest person I have ever met. Sometimes I wish I were an only child. It doesn’t help that my mom takes her side all of the time. I have a school dance that is really important to me, and my sister and I [..more..]

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Fear not

Ever afraid of writing your true feelings anonymously? I am. So what do I do- admit that I am afraid- and then I move on.

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Fuck those boys

I’m not a pretty boy. I’m not a pot head or drunk. I’ll never be a dumb f***. Sure as hell won’t be a whore. You’re somebody I call a best friend, yet you are so blinded by boys boys boys. f*** Trevor and f*** Jamie. Go get a man dawg. I hate those long [..more..]

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Man U vs Athletico Arsenal vs Inter Man City vs PSG Ajax vs Liverpool Everton vs Bayern Munchen Chelsea vs Man City Athletico vs Tottenham Bayern Munchen vs Real Madrid Liverpool vs Chelsea

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