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Wednesday 17th September 2014


some times i wonder why the good people die… i even ask god why but i dont get an answer… just feeling lost, lost in emotions i miss you sooo freakin much why do the good die. r.i.p my older brother and younger sister love you lots

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I want to be my own hero

I don’t even know where to begin. It’s like I’m stuck in limbo. I’m trapped in my own mind just begging to be free, begging to be me. But who am I, anyway? What makes me different, unique, or worth anyone else’s time? I’m over sensitive. I care too much. I wish I could just [..more..]

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I Hate You

I hate feeling unwanted. I hate feeling not good enough. I hate putting my all into somebody who takes no consideration of how I feel. I hate you. It’s you that causes my happiness. It’s you that causes my stress. It’s you that makes my stomach turn. It’s you that makes my heart skip a [..more..]

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what the hell should i do ?

so my best friend traveled to India for about month and a half, and i didn’t know that she was actually going, and i knew she was there when she called me from there and told me i am in india, so i was really pissed off at her because i am supposed to be [..more..]

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Love ah the bad habit to kick you in the balls sometimes.

So my girlfriend says everything is fine, and that she loves me very much. Great?! Right? It probably would be if it’d feel like that. Now she just seems so distant and cold, even when we talk she’s never there. I’m just tired of this. f*** everything, f*** everyone, have a nice day.

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I need closure

I need answers. I need to know why we broke up in 2011. Was it something I done? Was it because I gained weight? Was it because I didn’t always wear make up? Why am I still holding on to something I lost so long ago. Your not the person I fell for in 2010. [..more..]

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How to get rid of fear?

How to fight fear? How to get rid of it? It’s been bothering me for too long. If I could have an operation that cuts fear away from me, that’d be great. I really hate fear. When it gets hold of me, all my thoughts turn negative. I become less capable. My heart beats fast [..more..]

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I am scared.

At school we have to do a presentation about ourselves. I hate to present myself. I don’t like myself and I can’t speak or do something in front of people, I know. I’m going to be unconscious, I think. Sometimes that happens. I am scared.

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What’s It Going To Be….

You keep telling me that I have nothing to worry about. Now I know you are crying and I don’t know how I should feel about that because what does that mean exactly. I do know you allow yourself to really get involved with someone who gets anywhere too close to you, shows you any [..more..]

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i love my parents very much……

i belong from a middle class family in india. my mother a teacher and my father had a small business. i had got a job but i had to leave it due to certain issues with my boyfriend. my boyfriend is very conservative and possesive regarding me. thats not a problem. i cant let down [..more..]

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