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Friday 19th December 2014

I don’t get it

I like him a lot. Every time I think of him, I want to smile and cry. Too many intricate feelings are involved. I’m confused. Sometimes I think I am handling them well. Other times, I am overcome by sadness. I know he wants me to be happy. I don’t want to show him negative [..more..]

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a hero

a hero is not someone special it is not someone that thinks he is above someone else or better than him a hero is someone like you and me that is trying to make the world a better place in his own way a hero is a person that doesn’t tell you what to do, [..more..]

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I posted this originally as anonymous so… I have been listening to ‘just a little bit of your heart’ by Ariana Grande for the past 2 days non-stop and I literally want to cry. I really like this guy(I know it’s silly) and he and I are fairly good friends even though he knows. I [..more..]

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Does this make me a bad person?

A while back, I fell in love with this guy(my teacher). He was understanding and liked me for who I was. He didnt even tell me he was until I told him I was leaving the country. He said I have this thing in me that makes me attract people and that I attracted him [..more..]

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I’ve been crying randomly and don’t know how to stop it, I cut my hair and I kept stabbing the wall with a pair of scissors ….I know it sounds really depressing and weird. I thought I’d go on here and just share how I feel cuz I really just don’t know what to do [..more..]

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were i see myself after 10 years

Is it necessary to remain anonymous.Sorry my first free writing experience ever.Most common question put up by everyone maybe parents,aunties or anyone. I was reading a book last week by rashmi bansal in which she puts 25 iim grads and put there stories of how they become successfull entrepreneur the book was good for young [..more..]

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I’m trying not to think about this adorable boy named Manning and it’s so hard . Because he is in my school . The reason why I’m not allowed to think about him is because I’m 90% sure he is dating I want to kick then kiss him

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Loner me

I have a twin and yep its our birthday today. A few days ago she asked me whether i am going out today? Cos she is free that day which was a surprise to me cause she is a pop girl with many friends as she is a fun person to be with which is [..more..]

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A dampened spirit in the heart of Hanoi

Tomorrow is the last day Hanoi proves itself worthwhile for my visit . Unscrupulous dealers and rude people are plentiful , more than any citie I have ever visited. Its not a friendly city for older people ( my grandmother came along ) or even Asians ( Anglophiliacs in hotels that I have seen , [..more..]

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Something I think that will help everyone that Visits STW…

If you don’t know me already I am Mr.White. I have been here for quite some time Helping where I can; To show each and everyone of you that just needs someone to talk to that there are people listening. I am Extremely happy that people have started to notice and have begun to speak [..more..]

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