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Thursday 24th May 2018

“Hey, mum, this is my best friend”

This is the sentence, I wanna say, to my mother, when I had this dream in my sleep. I was staying at school. And my mother came to visit me. She brought me a meal that was delicious. But the most important, I wish she could meet my best friend. He was always this silent [..more..]

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Life is so depressing rn, I wish I could just have the friends I need, that have my back, and don't leave me alone, I only now have one friend like that, she clings on to me, I don't mind it, but the fact that all my other friends think they are better than everyone, [..more..]

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I'm going to make this short and sweet, there is 2 ICO's I'd like to go 0.5 ETH in on both but I have 0 ETH to contribute to it. I know asking for ETH is frowned upon, but if I could get 1 ETH from someone, I'll be sure to return the 1 ETH [..more..]

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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

He was fascinating, once

Maybe, I was meant to lose him. Maybe, I wasn't supposed to talk to him again, so that we could save a good impression for each other. I love who he was. He was my beautiful teenage dream, a fascinating bloke, a warm smile, and an adventurous history. Maybe, in the end, life was too [..more..]

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Monday 21st May 2018

He’s never changed

We argued. Probably because he doesn't like me any more. 5 years, he's never changed. He's still that paranoid bloke I met. He's never changed his good side, also, he's never changed his bad side. He's still that villain that I can't stand.

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Sunday 20th May 2018


I love him, But he doesn't love me. My past best friend, I still face my truest feeling deep down. There's always a part of me, That only belongs to you. The first time, And the last time, I'm truly abandoned, By someone I love deep down.

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Saturday 19th May 2018


fadh4D <a href="">qtdkudbjmxzz</a>, [url=]lanximbuuaag[/url], [link=]sgzjezvgifiv[/link],

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Thursday 17th May 2018


have you all ways lost instructions to you school project and knew but at the last minute you did something about I that's me and I lost my paper to a science project and so yeah and if you don't HOW!!!!!!!!

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Always truly alone…

This isn’t something I wasn’t aware of about life, being truly alone, but it is something that I seem to be remind of more recently. I think my eyes are open like they never have been to my surroundings to help with that clarity. People are just so self-centered! I will admit I can be [..more..]

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I need help

I need help, I basically think myself into these depressive states. It's like I'll be happy and then I'll think about the past, and what he did to her , and what he did to me. I've been told to get over it but how do you get over a wound that has been open [..more..]

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