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Saturday 25th March 2017


Sincd childhood i had always been in silly fights with my sister. I barely remember that we ever had good-connection.Most of the time she stays with us and not with her husband.My home was newly constructed when I asked my mom to give me a top floor room,my sister instantly asked me to give rent.My [..more..]

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Finding identity

since my child hood to yet i m fighting wt my identity why i m like that i feel too stressfull because i cant share my feelings my imotions to any one . Today i m on that time where i cant take breath on this situations i want plz god take me away from [..more..]

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A nameless feeling…

I’m tired of convincing myself that everything gonna be ok though nothing seems to be ok….tired of fighting for my existence….tired of hoping for good…just tired of my life…still there is voice inside me screaming…that I can’t quit so easily and i have to stand up for my self….but I’m feeling like I’m not left [..more..]

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How many times have you felt that wish you were ill or sick….. So that you could get that care and loving from people around which you wouldnt get otherwise! How many times have you felt that wish it was your birthday year round…. so that no would scold you or say no to any [..more..]

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I am shocked !

My college is quite far from my home,taking 15 mts of walking and 45 mts by bus. I desperately needed scooty so that the distance can be cut short.My mom agreed and I went on finding a good scooty to suit my purpose.Everything was decided only last step of payment was left but unfortunately the [..more..]

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Friday 24th March 2017

16 hours to go

Just 16 hours to the next big test. Not very confident this time. I have studied the s*** out of chemistry and I am still not sure about rocking it. you know what. I will rock it. because if so many freaking hours of hard work cant give you a great test. don’t know what [..more..]

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A sincere prayer….

Everyone does mistake…..and so did I….I had realised it and I tried my best to compensate….but I had some weird fear in the corner of my heart and finally today my fear came to be true… seems like I’m gonna punished for a mistake which I didn’t do purposely and I had tried to correct [..more..]

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Just thought I would share

Don’t you love to dream. Think about it for just that period of time you get to be or do anything you want. Plug in your headphones to a fun song and let your brain think of the perfect world.

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I need help

I had a non-epileptic seizure and keep worrying I’ll have another one please help!

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Please make killing legal !

While going through Facebook I came across an account whose d.p looked like my dad’s.i throughly stalked the account and found it was really my dad’s. I saw his new wife and two parents got separated when I was a teenager maybe 12 years old. We(my mom’s family) already know about his second marrige.But [..more..]

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