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Monday 27th June 2016


I thought to you i was different, unique, just like no other Turns out i was just like every other You broke me into pieces and my heart you wanted to keep I dare you now to fix me without making yourself bleed. But don’t get your hopes too high, ‘Cause i didn’t come here [..more..]

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Cuckphobia: America’s Next Great Mistake

I live in the United States of America. A nation that guarantees its people the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, domestic tranquility, and liberty. It’s a first world nation with modern comforts, modern education, modern security, and modern science. Yet I live in fear of a Nineteenth Century phenomenon that was [..more..]

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A realisation

I just had a moment when I thought how cool it’d be to meet TomSka and then I suddenly realised that I dont think I want be me. As in the idea of myself being liked by him is unrealistic. Who would like me, the way I am? No-one. I’m sorry to rant I just [..more..]

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New life please

I feel like nobody cares about me and nobody respects me. Truth is there isn’t a real reason to but I feel like even my brothers disgrace me and parents are trying really hard not to. I haven’t achieved anything so far. I just finished high school and I’m still just being taken care of. [..more..]

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interactions with u 4

Url Moderated:Interaction with u 3 link above for previous interactions.. so, found out that instead of saturday, ur gf actually is coming back on sunday.. i was like “then we should hav drank today instead then u wouldnt be tired”.. trying to make him ajak me to drink. but knowing that my voice has got [..more..]

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Sunday 26th June 2016

Cutting and ending it all

Enough is ENOUGH!! I am so mad at myself for not running away and ending my own life. I am similar to Daniel briggs except he has a family and neighbours who cared dearly for him. His mom is so kind, gentle and sweet. I on the other hand have absolutely nobody to talk to [..more..]

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Questioning myself

I have been constantly thinking this summer if I am doing anything right with my life and how is it possible for me to ever achieve my dream. I can’t do my ultimate dream career due to the lack of pay yet I am stuck being in an emotionless state as I go through all [..more..]

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Go on. F*** off to that party. Make me look like a loser who has nothing to do but talk to you. Go get with loads of girls,I don’t care. But don’t f***ing text me when you get back. Don’t use me. Don’t play with my feelings.

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f*** off

I can’t stop f***ing thinking about you. I hate you. You make me so happy. But you mess with my feelings. I get attached too quickly, too easily. You know that. Think about ME. What are we?

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I think I worry a lot.

I worry too much. I stress out and worry that I’ll get bad grades when I know myself I am a good student. I worry that my friends talk about me behind my back. I worry that they secretly don’t like me and find me annoying. I worry that the boy I like and talk [..more..]

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