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Wednesday 21st March 2018

What I love about you

What I love about you is your smile. Your endless talents and witty, wicked sense of humour. I love how we communicate. That you have seen some of the darkest parts of me, and instead of running away. You have held me, and told me that I'm okay, I've just been hurt. You are truly [..more..]

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Tuesday 20th March 2018

My crush knows I like him but doesn’t want to except it

I have been heartbroken once and wasn't expecting to be heartbroken again. Everybody in my high school knows and I am really embarrassed not to mention nobody cares for how I feel. I have crushed on this guy for almost a year yet he doesn't want to except the fact that a female likes him. [..more..]

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He doesn’t love me

You know what the worst feeling is? Is when you try so hard, and I mean wake up 5AM hard, to look pretty for school, and he doesn't even notice. I mean lets face it, the only time he talks to you is when your friend is around, and by god do you treasure those [..more..]

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I trusted you with my heart. I told you I loved you and you never failed to say it back. I never imagined you'd one day crush my heart with two words. We're over. It was so abrupt. You chose the weekend before spring break. You chose a time where you wouldn't have to face [..more..]

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Monday 19th March 2018


Well to every person that feels lost or that feels helpless, there is a solution. This mini article is going to sound cliché but I promise it helps. You can and must fight this pain that you are feeling. You can fight but you are not allowed to give up. All of this mental help [..more..]

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Sunday 18th March 2018


I hate my life and no one seems to care… And I can't seem to fix anything…

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Friday 16th March 2018

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What a damn waste.

Big waste of money, sweat, energy, effort, love…waste of love…!! I could have been with this one but I was foolin around with one that never even wanted to be……I was soo wrong about this one……maybe that one can fill this hole you f***in left.

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if you felt bad for him, did you ever feel bad for me…? love is a zero sum game. i love you

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well i guess what i said didn't have enough weight to it. i'll just have to get my s*** together and fight the hardest i've ever fought, which isn't gonna be easy considering i've been fighting my whole damn life. f***

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